culture and handbook

Hey, partner 🤠!

Consider this document your compass 🧭 for getting back on the right path when you lose way. If you are new to LinkORB, the information in this handbook will help you bring your A-game to the team.

No, seriously! Many of your co-workers have contributed directly or indirectly to compiling these resources. You’re sure to find inspiration in our collective knowledge and contributions instead of watching cat videos on YouTube 🙃.

Still tempted to do the latter, huh, 😟? Guess now’s a good time to have the work culture talk 👩‍🏫. Your team can’t win if you fall behind. We all win when you win and lose when you lose. So, by all means, we urge you to contribute your assigned quota to the greater work the LinkORB team is doing.

Everyone at LinkORB plays an important role in upholding the values that keep us functioning as one complex organic system. As you navigate your way to success 🚀 with us, we encourage you to not only have these values in the back of your mind, but also apply them in your day-to-day interactions with the team.

Okay, enough pep talk! Check out the topics below and jump into one that tickles your fancy right now.

Applying and onboarding

Culture and work style assessment

Hello Upworker!

LinkORB’s trial showcase period for new team members

Welcome aboard! Our onboarding process

Email boxes and aliases - frequently asked questions

Understanding titles, roles, and role desigations

Your first day and week at LinkORB

Project management and tasks

Team HQ dashboards and navigation

Team HQ project card best practices

Using project cards to assign and complete project tasks

Project ownership and management best practices

Managing and proposing projects at LinkORB


Asynchronous communications guide

Asynchronous stand-up

Cyans and topic-based communication

Getting help at LinkORB in 6 easy steps

Sending weekly status updates

Recurring asynchronous check-ins

Using polls to make group decisions

Security and access

Using Wireguard VPN to access select LinkORB resources