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At LinkORB we love code, tech and innovation.

So we are constantly looking for new and better ways to improve our products, speed, and scalabilty.

Through this site we are sharing our insights with other coders, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Our opensource projects

We are active users and contributers of opensource software. We opensource what we can, and collaborate where possible.

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Recent work

Penny Blossom

A webbased responsive point of sales (POS) which can be used on all devices with a browser. Full integration with the LinkORB webshop.
The target audience are small retailers with max. 2 locations and a maximum of 10 employees.

Trainer App

A webbased responsive member and trainer app, where all registration and administration concerning trainings and location is managed.
The target audience are outdoor personal and (small) group trainers up to 10 locations and a maximum of 20 trainers.

Open Circles

A webbased responsive full event management system. Open Circles is one of the biggest training companies in The Netherlands.
They serve small and self-empoyed business helping them increasing there income and make their organization lean and mean.

Elisabeth Hospital

We connected the hospital to our webbased midwifery software Onatal. In this way we have connected all obstetric disciplines in the region.
We established a two way connection with the hospital information system so all healthcare providers have access to all information in their own system.

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