🏅 Badges

The Badge System

At LinkORB we are using the Badge System to describe the skill-sets, knowledge and other qualification criteria required to fullfill roles. Badges describe clear qualification criteria, and the resources (links, videos, books, etc) you need to earn them.

We love learning and support team members in developing their skills in new areas. Badges help you to discover learning paths, and grow into new roles.

Collect them all!

Badge types

There are 3 types of badges you can earn:

  • LinkORB Foundational: These are the 5 common badges that every team member will aquire and maintain: Communication, Effectiveness, Learning, Quality, Security, Teamwork. Once you have earned these badges, you will earn the Foundation badge
  • Skills badges: These badges are acquired by matching all criteria listed in the badge. They are a token of mastery of a given tool, technology, language or any other soft-skill or hard-skill.
  • Fun badges: there's a whole range of fun badges to recognize accomplishments, first actions and winning the occasional competition.

How badges are used at LinkORB

Badges are used in the following use-cases:

  • Job posts (both for longer-term roles and single gigs) refer to the badges we screen candidates for. We do not expect you to acquire all listed badges immediately, but we will guide you through the process of acquiring them, and base our selection on your ability to obtain them.
  • Continuous learning is an important part of our culture. Badges contain clear learning paths for acquiring a selected new skill, and make an excellent tool for self-study and mentoring.
  • Onboarding - during your first days and weeks our check-in process guides you to aquiring the Foundational badges, and any badges related to your role or gig specifically.
  • Reviews help team members stay on track on their learning goals. Badges are used to assess your current vs target skillsets, which we'll use as input for your learning plan.

Skill Badges

🏅 Ansible Basics
Uses Ansible automation

🏅 Bootstrap Basics
Uses Bootstrap for web development

🏅 Camunda Modeling - Basics
Use the Camunda Modeler to create and edit BPMN 2.0 diagrams

🏅 CSS Basics
Comfortably reads and writes Cascading Style Sheets (CSS/SASS)

🏅 Docker Basics
Understand the basics of the Docker containerization platform

🏅 Git Basics
Understand and apply basic Git concepts

🏅 GitHub Basics
Understand and apply basic GitHub concepts

🏅 Linux Basics
Understand the basics of Linux system usage

🏅 Markdown Basics
Understand the basics of the Markdown language

🏅 Penpot pro
Able to work with Penpot comfortably

🏅 Storybook.js Basics
Uses Storybook.js for developing UI components

🏅 Symfony Basics
Understand the basics of the Symfony Framework and Components

🏅 Ubuntu Basics
Understand how to use and manage an Ubuntu Linux Server

🏅 YAML Basics
Able to read, create and maintain YAML files

Foundational Badges

🏅 Security

🏅 Teamwork

🏅 LinkORB Foundation
Foundational criteria for working at LinkORB

Fun Badges

🏅 Dutch Rookie
Casually slips in some Dutch words into the conversation

🏅 First PR merged
First GitHub pull-request merged

Working at LinkORB

LinkORB Engineering is the sub-group of LinkORB focused on the development and operations of our products and platforms: innovative healthcare solutions for healthcare professionals and their patients.

We are a fully remote team collaborating almost entirely asynchronously to build and support products used by millions of families and thousands of healthcare professionals.

Read more about LinkORB Engineering. Specifically, you might check out our: