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Docker Basics


Understand the basics of the Docker containerization platform

Docker is an open source containerization platform that simplifies the deployment and management of applications. It uses containers to isolate applications from each other and the underlying infrastructure.

Earning Criteria:

  • 📝 knows how to install Docker on a Linux system.
  • 📝 understands how to create and manage Docker images.
  • 📝 knows how to use Docker Hub to store and share Docker images.
  • 📝 can create and manage Docker containers.
  • 📝 can configure networking for Docker containers.
  • 📝 understands how to use environment variables in Docker containers.
  • 📝 understands how to use Docker volumes for persistent storage.
  • 📝 knows how to use Docker Compose and other tools to orchestrate complex applications.
  • 📝 can diagnose and troubleshoot Docker issues.

    Working at LinkORB

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    We are a fully remote team collaborating almost entirely asynchronously to build and support products used by millions of families and thousands of healthcare professionals.

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