💡 About us

About us

LinkORB Engineering is the sub-group of LinkORB focused on the development and operations of our products and platforms: innovative healthcare solutions for healthcare professionals and their patients.


Onatal, our Electronic Health Record software, is used daily by the majority of healthcare professionals specialised in pregnancy care / child birth. More than half of Dutch babies are “powered by Onatal”.

Our patient portal zwangerenportaal.nl is the most popular patient portal in the Netherlands, guiding over 2.5 million new young parents through their patient journeys.

PiCOM is our Raspberry-Pi based DICOM solution used to exchange thousands of ultrasound images and biometry reports daily.

The perinatologie.nl platform is the most complete medical data exchange platform used by leading hospitals and surrounding healthcare professionals.

The team

We are a remote-first company, with a strong focus on open source (with 230+ public projects on GitHub).

Colleagues are collaborating from the Netherlands (HQ), UK, India, Sri Lanka, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Thailand, Colombia, Pakistan, and more. The primary language is English.

We love Holacracy, async communication, self-hosted open source tools, and building smart in-house automation solutions.


We’re proud of our onboarding process, which is designed to help new team members get up to speed quickly and feel like they’re part of the team from day one.

Culture and handbook

If you’d like to learn more about day-to-day life at LinkORB, please check out our culture and handbook.

We’ve also created a culture and work style assessment tool designed to share our culture and values while assisting candidates to determine their fit and further interest in applying.

Tools and technologies

Ubuntu Linux, Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes, Helm, Camunda, Elasticsearch, Kibana, MariaDB, Prometheus, Metabase, ETL/ELT, GitHub Actions Workflows, Codespaces, PHP, Symfony, Java, Typescript, AstroJS, NextJS, NestJS, GraphQL, OpenAPI, REST, FHIR, HL7v3, Schematron, XProc3, Penpot, Traefik, Portainer, PACS, WADO, DICOM, K3S, Matomo, Sendgrid, MJML, Exo, ECS, Puppeteer, Ansible, SOPS, Capacitor, Storybook, Bootstrap, SASS, Design Systems, Fixtures, ObjectStorage, Ionic, Angular, JWT, FaaS, Invoiceninja, OPA, SpiceDB, PHPStan, CDN, Eventsourcing, SSO, CI/CD, Redis, NATS, RabbitMQ, Jaeger, …


We are NEN7510 certified, and have a strong focus on security and privacy. This may mean we’ll need to perform an extensive screening process for new team members, depending on their role.