CSS Framework Engineer

Write and maintain CSS frameworks.

"Beauty is an attitude."

-EstΓ©e Lauder


LinkORB Engineering is looking to expand our global team of remote technology professionals and currently hiring for a CSS Framework Engineer.


At LinkORB, the CSS Framework Engineer:


    Works with teams to identify reusable UI components and patterns.


    Defines and enforces strict naming conventions for UI components and patterns.


    Builds a CSS/SASS framework and component library using Storybook from designs provided as Figma, Penpot or PDF files.


    Develops a design system and create guidelines for UI components using CSS and HTML.


    Maintains and updates the framework to ensure it stays current and relevant.


    Provides training and support to users of the design system and component library to ensure its effective use.


    Writes documentation for UI components, design system, and Storybook usage.


    Stays up-to-date with the latest CSS/Sass trends and best practices, and incorporate them into the framework as appropriate.


    Redesigns application layouts and HTML templates using the framework.


    Supports and troubleshoots issues related to the framework for users and developers.


    Participates in code reviews and contributes to the overall development of the company's CSS/SASS standards and practices.


    Collaborates with other front-end developers to ensure consistency and compatibility across different projects and platforms.


    Creates component libraries for popular front-end frameworks such as React, Angular and Web Components.


An ideal candidate for the CSS Framework Engineer role is someone who:


    Has demonstratable experience working on a CSS framework, component library, and/or design system.

Candidate screening

Given the technical nature of our team and our async-first way or working, we often leverage candidate screening exercises to start the interview process. For this role, exercises will align with the following badges:

That said, at LinkORB we understand that no one knows everything and the learning journey is part of what we love about the work.

Ready to apply?

Great, we are excited to hear from you! Please send a cover letter and resume to engineering@linkorb.com.

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