Ansible Expert

Automatate our infrastructure, define Ansbile coding standards and best practices, and provide expert guidance to our team.

"Automation is not just about doing things faster; it's about doing them right every time."

-Gene Kim


LinkORB is investing heavily in Ansible playbook development and is preparing a large re-implementation of our infrastructure based on Ansible.

We're looking to hire an experienced Ansible developer and Linux engineer that would help us do Ansible the right way. If you're the Ansible guru that we need on our team to achieve this goal, then please read on.

About this role

We're currently screening candidates to select one expert for this role. The role requires a couple of hours a week. Please see the responsibilities and requirements sections below for more information.


At LinkORB, the Ansible Expert:


    Establishes coding standards and best-practices for our Ansible related repositories.


    Reviews Ansible related pull requests on our GitHub repositories to ensure:

    • compliance with establish standards
    • maintainability
    • reusability

    Participates in Ansible and infrastructure related discussions and decisions.


    Coaches new Ansible developers in improving their code and understanding.


    Troubleshoots Ansible related bugs and improve inefficient code.


    Documents solutions and best pactices for solving recurring challenges such as:

    • code resuse in multiple inventories
    • separating inventories into groups and managing their variables
    • making playbooks idempotent
    • achieving good separation of concerns

    Defines/recommends the earning criteria and resources for our Ansible Beginner and Advanced badges.


An ideal candidate for the Ansible Expert role is someone who:


    Cares greatly about code quality, maintainability, standards, and best practices.


    Enjoys collaborating with others to reach consensus on ansible related decisions.


    Enjoys writing documentation to teach others and establish standards.


    Thinks both as a sysadmin and a developer while writing Ansible playbooks; your code is clean, modular, well documented and reusable.


    Has solid experience working on larger and well maintained Ansible projects.


    Knows their way around Git, GitHub, pull requests, and code reviews.

Candidate screening

Our screening process is an important step in determining if we're a good fit for a long term commitment. We try to keep it as lightweight as possible:

  1. After you apply for this role, we will review your cover letter and answers to our screening questions.

    Please refrain from using GPT-based answers. We look forward to getting to know you for real.

  2. We'll select a small pool of candidates for the below screening excercise:

    • You'll be given access to a GitHub repository with an open PR (limited scope).
    • We'll ask you to spend 1 hour reviewing the PR as thoroughly as possible.
    • During your review, propose changes and best practices to the PR owner using GitHub's comment and review feature.
  3. Based on your review reports and suggested best practices to the we'll select the most qualified candidate for the ongoing role.

  4. We'll introduce you to the team and onboard you for access to our collaboration tools, chat, and project management platform.

The time spent on the excercise is part of the screening process, before the contract starts, and is not paid. We'll only start 1 contract with the winning candidate for the ongoing role.

Given the technical nature of our team and our async-first way or working, we often leverage candidate screening exercises to start the interview process. For this role, exercises will align with the following badges:

That said, at LinkORB we understand that no one knows everything and the learning journey is part of what we love about the work.

Ready to apply?

Great, we are excited to hear from you! Please send a cover letter and resume to engineering@linkorb.com.

Things we love seeing and hearing about in applications:

  • Your personal philosophyπŸ’‘ for creating an efficient, reusable, and scalable Ansible based infrastructure.
  • Your journeyπŸš€ with Ansible and other automation tools.
  • Ansible related tools that could improve our developer experience.
  • Do you spend 6 hours automating a task you can complete manually in 6 minutes or nah πŸ˜‰?

Pro tip! We give strong weight to applicants who provide personal and meaningful responses to the above in their application.

Working at LinkORB

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