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Ansible Basics


Uses Ansible automation

Ansible is a powerful automation platform for managing IT infrastructure. It provides a simple, human-readable language for automating complex tasks across multiple machines.

Earning Criteria:

  • 📝 understands how to install and configure Ansible on a server.
  • 📝 knows how to create and run Ansible playbooks to automate tasks.
  • 📝 can manage and configure Ansible inventory files.
  • 📝 understands how to use Ansible limits to run playbooks on specific hosts.
  • 📝 knows how to use Ansible Galaxy to share and download Ansible roles.
  • 📝 knows how to use Ansible modules to interact with external systems.
  • 📝 can use variables to customize Ansible playbooks.
  • 📝 understands how to use Ansible templates to generate files.
  • 📝 can diagnose and troubleshoot Ansible issues.

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