Technical writer for OpenAPI specifications

Write and maintain OpenAPI specifications

"I think most people just make the mistake that it should be simple to design simple things. In reality, the effort required to design something is inversely proportional to the simplicity of the result."

-Roy Thomas Fielding


LinkORB Engineering is looking to expand our global team of remote technology professionals and currently hiring for a technical writer. The technical writing team loves writing content for internal and external audiences to:

  • Improve the onboarding experience for new team members
  • Align teams around technical standards and best practices
  • Share and educate on the use of historical and emerging technologies at LinkORB
  • Promote LinkORB's open source contributions

If this sounds interesting to you, we are looking for technical writers who:

  • Enjoy and understand bringing order and clarity to complex technical topics
  • Can put themselves in the shoes of someone undertaking a technical task and consider:
    • What they will want and need to know
    • What they won't want and need to know
    • How to blend technical concepts and a conversational tone
    • When to go deep and when to keep things high level
    • When a picture is worth a thousand words
    • How to structure and order information for when someone is skimming versus reading intently
  • Take the initiative to propose creative solutions
  • Communicate proactively when assistance is needed

If this is how you work, we'd like to hear from you!

Requirements: Technical writer for OpenAPI specifications

For this role, we are looking for candidates who can create OpenAPI specifications for existing APIs across a number of PHP applications.

For a each application, LinkORB will POST:

  • A contextual explanation of the application's purpose and usage scenarios
  • Codebase references to supported API functions
  • A Postman collection to interact with the API in pre-production environment
  • A testing instance of the API, including credential

In RESPONSE, the technical writer will provide a 202 along with an estimate for when the following can be provided:

  • An OpenAPI specification in YAML (preferred) or JSON format in the form of a pull request against the requested repository

Want to apply?

Great, we are excited to hear from you! Please send a cover letter and resume to engineering@linkorb.com.

Things we love seeing and hearing about in applications:

  • Writing samples
  • Your personal philosophy for creating amazing technical content
  • Your journey to becoming more technical
  • Experience working closely with software developers, system administrators, and automated testers
  • Experience writing code, scripts, or other technical projects you've completed yourself

Working at LinkORB

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