Camunda Engineer

Implement new and improve existing business processes using the Camunda modeler.

"If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing."

-W. Edwards Deming


LinkORB Engineering is looking to expand our global team of remote technology professionals and currently hiring for a Camunda engineer. In addition to supporting our production Healthcare applications and end users, internally we love using Camunda to automate processes that:

  • Improve the onboarding experience for new team members
  • Save time⌛for human resources, finance, and other administrative team members
  • Ensure security and information management best practices are integrated into everything we do

If this sounds interesting to you, we are looking for a Camunda engineer who enjoys:

  • Bringing order and clarity to complex business processes🎯
  • Translating adminstrative tasks, requirements, and outcomes into linear, yet flexible business process models
  • Thinking critically🔬 about how an individual process step's purpose contributes to a macro process goal
  • Taking the initiative to propose creative solutions
  • Communicating proactively when assistance is needed

If this is how you work, we'd like to hear from you!


At LinkORB, the Camunda Engineer role (or Camunda Hero as we are calling it) is responsible for:

  • 👉 Creating Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) diagrams in Camunda based on draft models with text annotations written by a non-technical member of our administrative team
  • 👉 Understanding of Camunda 7 and when to employ key Camunda concepts variables, conditions, expressions, inputs/outputs and external task workers
  • 👉 Testing and troubleshooting process instances both before and after deployment


At LinkORB, we work with the Badge System for qualification and learning. Candidates will be evaluated on their ability to achieve the following badges:

That said, at LinkORB we understand that no one knows everything and the learning journey is part of what we love about the work.

Ready to apply?

Great, we are excited to hear from you! Please send a cover letter and resume to engineering@linkorb.com.

Things we love seeing and hearing about in applications:

  • Your personal philosophy💡 for creating efficient and scalable business processes
  • Experience working closely with Human Resources and other business stakeholders to define and automate processes
  • Your journey🚀 learning the Camunda platform

Working at LinkORB

LinkORB Engineering is the sub-group of LinkORB focused on the development and operations of our products and platforms: innovative healthcare solutions for healthcare professionals and their patients.

We are a fully remote team collaborating almost entirely asynchronously to build and support products used by millions of families and thousands of healthcare professionals.

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