LinkORB Expert Program

LinkORB Engineering has built and maintains many applications, services, infrastructure, and procedures. These in-house solutions support our business, team, and products. However, the problem with setting up and maintaining such a complex system alongside countless third-party services is that:

  • Most projects and services require deep knowledge of a variety of technologies.
  • Troubleshooting in production is difficult. It often requires knowledge of all components of the system to pinpoint root causes.
  • Designing and implementing new features is hard without knowing the details of all the moving parts.
  • It’s a little difficult for new hires to be productive or take over responsibilities.

To get around these issues without overburdening members of our team, we are introducing the LinkORB Expert Program.

LinkORB Expert Program

LinkORB Expert Program (LXP) aims to help us overcome the above listed issues by giving our team access to a network of seasoned professionals who are available on-demand. That way, instead of expecting one or a few members of our team to know the workings of everything, the team can consult with and involve experts in their projects.

LXP makes sub teams within LinkORB Engineering more autonomous and productive by giving us direct access to expert guidance and assistance.

What’s in it for the Expert?

  • Great pay and working conditions: The pay is great 😉. We have also set up a simple system for experts to track and bill us for every hour they spend consulting for us.
  • Flexibility: As consultants, experts can pitch in at their own leisure.
  • Great work culture: LinkORB teams are motivated not only by curiosity and problem-solving but also by friendliness and collaboration.
  • Growth: Experts will resolve interesting, real-world challenges in their area(s) of expertise. Besides putting an expert’s wealth of experience to practical use, such challenges allow experts to experiment with and develop better solutions.

How and where we find experts

We aim to assemble a network of talented individuals who have a great wealth of experience in their areas of expertise. They range from previous colleagues to persons we’ve worked with on short-term projects either as team members, in partnerships, or by collaborating with other organizations, and more.

We also find and hire experts from Upwork, GitHub contributor lists, LinkedIn, book/blog/podcast authors, and through referrals.

Think you’re a good fit?

Please visit the Jobs page to apply.