LinkORB's oldest (and popular) open source repositories

Open source has been an essential part of the software industry offering a forum for developers to cooperate, learn, and build creative solutions together. For over a decade, LinkORB has both benefited from and made contributions to the open source community largely focused on the PHP ecosystem. From our first contribution in 2013 to today, LinkORB has published over 230 open source projects and repositories (repos).

In this article, we’ll look back on LinkORB’s earliest contributions to the open source community and highlight our “Top 10 classic” repositories that received the most favorites and downloads 😊.

Top 10 classic LinkORB open source repositories

The following are some of our oldest and most popular repos from Packagist, and GitHub.

1. xuid

XUIDs are URL-friendly compressed UUIDs. The XUID repo provides tooling for parsing Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) into a custom format that’s more compact than the standard UUID format. We created this package in 2015 to use XUIDs as a primary key in database tables, and since its release it has over 12K downloads.

2. haigha

Haigha (also known as the March Hare🐰 in Alice in Wonderland) is an Alice-based PHP library. Alice generates fake data fixtures for developers to use in test cases and is compatible with Doctrine ORM. However, if you are not using Doctrine ORM, you may use Haigha to directly persist data from YAML to your SQL database. Gathering over 10K downloads, Haigha has been adopted by popular tools including bisight and radvance since its release in 2015.

3. autotune

Autotune is an excellent tool for optimizing code for developers. It helps to configure the PHP’s dependency manager (Composer) to make use of local versions of dependencies during development. Using autotune in your PHP scripts increases reliability, allows for more efficient development workflows, and lowers the possibility of conflicts with various versions of dependencies. In its seven years of existence, it has received over 4K downloads.

4. connector

Connector assists with managing PHP Data Objects (PDO) database connection setups in dynamic contexts. It can connect to numerous types of databases and data sources at multiple levels — database, server, or cluster. It was created in 2017 and has gained popularity among developers and projects with over 4K downloads.

5. database-manager

Database manager is a PHP library that allows you to manage database connections and conduct database operations in a variety of ways. It may be used as a command-line utility or a PHP library. This tool has been used across projects, including internally at LinkORB, with over 23K downloads.

6. php-moon-phase

PHP-moon-phase is based on moontool for Windows is a PHP class for calculating the phase of the moon and other relevant variables. It includes functions for calculating the moon’s phase🌜 based on a given time and date, as well as other information. It has been used in PHP programs since 2013 to display or analyze lunar data, gaining over 12K downloads.

7. transip-php

Trans-IP is a Dutch web hosting firm that offers shared hosting, virtual private servers, and other services.

We built transip-php to allow PHP developers to easily use the TransIP API and automate processes related to their hosting and domains. After using it ourselves, we were pleased to see it receive over 5K downloads since its release in 2013.

8. jsmin-php

Jsmin-php, based on Douglas Crockford’s jsmin, eliminates unneeded whitespace from PHP scripts. In over 10 years of existence, it has been used in hundreds of applications and has over 2.5 million downloads❗. However, LinkORB is no longer maintaining it as more modern packages with active maintenance, such as mrclay’s jsmin-php have since been released.

9. etcd-php

Etcd-php is an etcd client library for PHP applications. ETCD is an open source distributed key-value store for critical information in distributed systems. This package has been adopted across a number of projects since its release in 2015 with 121K downloads.

10. buckaroo

buckaroo, an API client for the Buckaroo package, is a plugin with several payment methods based on the Buckaroo Package Explorer (BPE) version 3.0. With over 93K downloads since 2013, our buckaroo library found ample uptake in a variety of applications.

Thank you so much for taking this trip down memory lane with us! LinkORB’s dedication to open source and the PHP community has been unwavering since 2013. As we reflect on how much has changed since then, we are proud to have contributed to the evolution of PHP and are committed to continuing to do so.

With over 230 open source contributions to date, this article covers only a handful of our many popular open source projects accessible today. We’re excited to keep working on projects that help fellow developers (and ultimately application users). Please follow us on GitHub or shoot us a note if you’ve got a favorite LinkORB repo you think we should highlight in a future post.