Ohai! We are LinkORB Engineering

This site is inspired by the many highly recommended blogs of other high-profile sites such as: * Facebook engineering * Github engineering * Twitter engineering * Instagram engineering * Tumblr engineering In the way these sites have inspired us, we hope our site,...

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Scaling User-Data with Object Storage in PHP

Does your app allow your users to upload files, and are you running out of storage? We were there... read on to see how we solved it, and learn about the open source libraries we've created that you can use to solve this problem in your apps. Introduction At LinkORB...

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Releasing the LinkORB\Buckaroo PHP library

Working on integrating online payments into your new web-application? Check out our new library for connecting your services to Buckaroo! The library is fully PSR-0 compliant, simplifying integration into your own aplication or framework. This library is now part of...

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Composer, Capistrano and Github at scale: beware of the stampede

At LinkORB we like to deploy new features into production, many times a day. Those deploys contact the Github servers, for our own code, but also for many third-party packages thanks to Composer, which is part of our build process. Like us, you may soon start hitting thresholds in production by deploying so often to so many machines, cloning so many repositories from Github. Eventually this will slow down your deploy process… and at some point you will start seeing failures and roll-backs… Read on to find out how we handled that.

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