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Penpot pro


Able to work with Penpot comfortably

LinkORB is a big fan of the amazing [Penpot](https://penpot.app/) tool for various use-cases: * designing and prototyping page layouts * user-interface annotations (using the "Comments" feature) * quick illustrations * designing and prototyping user interfaces. We're hosting our own instance of Penpot to make it easier for our team to collaborate on visual projects.

Earning Criteria:

  • 📝 comfortably uses the primary features of Penpot, such as creating new projects, creating new pages, and adding shapes and text to pages.
  • 📝 knows how to use the "Comments" feature to add annotations to designs.
  • 📝 knows when to create new projects, share projects with others, and how to manage project permissions.
  • 📝 able to create and use libraries to store commonly used shapes and styles.
  • 📝 use the SVG export feature to export designs for use in upstream projects.
  • Learning Resources:

    Working at LinkORB

    LinkORB Engineering is the sub-group of LinkORB focused on the development and operations of our products and platforms: innovative healthcare solutions for healthcare professionals and their patients.

    We are a fully remote team collaborating almost entirely asynchronously to build and support products used by millions of families and thousands of healthcare professionals.

    Read more about LinkORB Engineering. Specifically, you might check out our:

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