Welcome aboard! Our onboarding process

🚀 Our onboarding process

We’re proud of our onboarding process, which we’ve designed to get you up and running in a day.

Send us your basic details:

  1. Your preferred email address
  2. Your full name

We kick off the onboarding process

This is a fully automated process which guides you through the steps through your email address.

You’ll receive a short notice that we’ve kicked off the onboarding process, and the 3 people involved.

  • Your details: who are we onboarding
  • Your onboarder: contact person for any practical questions during your onboarding process
  • Your supervisor: contact person for any questions regarding your work

Pick your accountname

You’ll receive an email with a link to create an account on https://id.linkorb.com/signup.

The accountname you’ll choose here will be your handle in all our systems.

Most team members user their first + last name (i.e. alicesmith). Or initials + last name if it’s longer (asmith). Remember, your colleagues will need to type it every time they @mention you.

Setup your Mattermost account

You’ll receive an email with instructions to join our chat server. Register with the same name you’ve selected in the previous step.

Setup your team/HQ account

You’ll receive an email with instructions to join our collaboration tool Team/HQ. We use this tool to manage projects, processes and access to contact details for your direct colleagues.

Team HQ greets you with a user profile form after your first login. Take a few minutes to fill out and save your details before you continue to the Home dashboard. You can quickly see the other team members’ information and roles by navigating to the Team > People screen. To update your profile in the future, click your username at the top right of screen, select My profile, and click Edit.

Setup an account Cyans

You’ll receive an email with instructions to join Cyans. This is our asynchronous communication tool, which is great for working with team members across timezones, and to protect everyone’s valuable focus time.

Welcome aboard!

Once you’ve completed all the steps above, your supervisor will contact you for next steps.

Looking forward to your feedback

After the onboarding process, your onboarder will ask you for feedback about your onboarding process. We look forward to your insights to help us improve this process further for our future colleagues.

Fully automated

The onboarding process is fully automated using Camunda. Behind the scenes all our systems and administrations are updated so you are ready to get started.