Hello Upworker!

LinkORB ❤️ Upwork

Hello Upworker! At LinkORB we often work with freelancers through Upwork, it’s great! It allows us to work with specialists in different areas for the duration of a single project, and move on to more projects for as long as we’re both enjoying the work.

Freelancers working with us have rated us with 5 stars over 64 projects - something we’re very proud of and intend to keep up!

That was one of my best experience on Upwork! It was a pleasure to work with Joost and his team from many perspectives: communication and definition of done, clear priority and timelines, solid experience of the team and their technical attitude. Thanks for that!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Maxim A.

Very professional client with great communication. His management skill is astounding, always went above and beyond the project, encouraging to work hard and stick to deadlines.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Shamil N.

I had a great collaboration with LinkORB, would definitely recommend anyone working for them. Communication was always clear and helpful.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Emy B.

Feel free to check out our other reviews on Upwork (listed underneath each job post).

Information for Upworkers

This page provides specific information for you if you’re working with us through Upwork.

About us

We’ve created this about us page to give you a better idea of who we are and what we do.

How we work

After finding each other as a potential match for a project, we run you through our onboarding process to get you started.

During this process we’ll create accounts for you in the tools we use for Planning, Chat and A-sync communication tools.

For compliance reasons (see “about us”) we may need to register and verify additional details, depending on the role you’ll fill on our projects.

How we communicate

During the onboarding we keep contact through the Upwork messages feature. Once onboarding has completed you’ll use our internal tooling to better participate in the projects and the other members of the team.

How we pay / time tracking

Payments run through Upwork and are based on the Upwork contract’s hourly rate x your hours tracked.

We like to keep time tracking light-weight (nobody likes administrative overhead), but we do require a basic level of detail.

When registering your time tracking entries on Upwork, please keep the following in mind:

  • Onboarding is billable time, so please track your time during this period.
  • For each time tracking entry, please specify your work in sufficient detail. I.e. don’t just write ”worked” or ”meeting”. Instead, write ”[project-x] worked on widget A” or ”[project-y] meeting with Alice about document X“.
  • Please include URLs to documents or GitHub Pull Requests where relevant.
  • Please register your entries no later than 24 hours after the work has been completed.

How we complete our contracts

We always intend to keep people on the team for long term so we can both invest in the relationship and grow together.

However, sometimes projects are simply completed, and we don’t have a next project to offer at that time. Or we find out that our working styles are simply not a match, and that’s ok.

In these cases we’ll end the contract and hope to meet again in the future.

Post-job review and feedback

We’ll always leave a review, purely based on the professional relationship we had during the project. We’ll never leave a review based on personal feelings or opinions - this would not be relevant to future collaborations. We hope you’ll do the same and we’ll work hard to make this a 5-star experience for you!

Freelancers vs agencies

We avoid working with agencies on Upwork. We understand the value, but in our case we prefer to work directly with freelancers. Most often we have the skills in-house to manage the projects and to work with freelancers comfortably.