Dutch-speaking System Administrator

Manage systems and support our clients (midwives), partners (ultrasound vendors), and team.

"He who laughs last probably made a back-up."

-A system administrator


LinkORB Engineering is looking to expand our global team of remote technology professionals and hire a Dutch-speaking System Administrator to support our:

  • clients (midwives)
  • partners (ultrasound vendors)
  • team (technical and non-technical)

This role is:

  • Mostly on-demand: We will forward support requests to you as they come in, and you will resolve them over the phone or email. You don't have to work a fixed number of hours per week as some weeks might be busier than others.
  • Remote: You must be able to provide technical support from and to a remote location.

As a LinkORB System Administrator, you will work in a dynamic environment with lots of room for growth. In addition to improving our partners' and clients' user experience of our systems, you will have the opportunity to develop yourself and broaden your knowledge of digital systems.


At LinkORB, the Dutch-speaking System Administrator role (or Our IT Ninja 🥷 as we are calling it) is responsible for:

  • 👉 Setting up and troubleshooting network configuration issues such as:

    • Wi-Fi
    • DHCP
    • firewalls
    • ADSL
    • ping checks
    • device configuration
    • cabling
    • VPN (Wireguard) setup on workstations
  • 👉 Configuration and debuging of issues with email clients for mobile and desktop platforms.

  • 👉 Migrating data to different platforms (e.g., from LastPass to BitWarden or Google Drives, email providers, etc.)

  • 👉 Installation, configuration, management, and troubleshooting of:

    • workstations
    • backups
    • software
    • virus scanners
  • 👉 Managing and troubleshooting user access and security policies such as:

    • two-factor authentication setup
    • password policies (e.g., strength)
    • password reset
  • 👉 Logging/gathering and reporting important system and software information.


  • 📝 You speak Dutch and are great at providing guidance over the phone or over email.

  • 📝 You are friendly, patient, and enjoy solving technical problems and assisting users.

  • 📝 Demonstrable experience managing:

    • workstations: Windows, macOS, and Linux (you will rarely manage or support Linux systems)
    • mobile devices: iPads, iPhones, Android phones/tablets
    • Raspberry Pi (Picom boxes)
  • 📝 Extensive network and email management experience including but not limited to:

    • firewalls
    • DNS
    • IMAP
    • SMTP
    • DKIM
    • SPF
  • 📝 You are flexible and available to provide support even on weekends.

  • 📝 You are able to work remotely (from your own location) and on-demand.

That said, at LinkORB we understand that no one knows everything and the learning journey is part of what we love about the work.

Ready to apply?

Great, we are excited to hear from you! Please send a cover letter and resume to engineering@linkorb.com.

Things we love seeing and hearing about in applications:

  • Your personal philosophy💡 for configuring, scaling, and managing enterprise systems.
  • Your journey 🚀 as a system administrator and your favourite tools.

Working at LinkORB

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We are a fully remote team collaborating almost entirely asynchronously to build and support products used by millions of families and thousands of healthcare professionals.

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