Code with us!

Code with us!

At LinkORB we are developing lots of cool large and small projects and services. We’d be happy for you to join on some of these as a freelancer. Read on to see how it works:
This page lists the projects we’re currently planning on doing. If you’re interested on implementing one of these projects, be sure to … send us a message! To simplify people’s lives while switching projects, we like to follow a few conventions. None of these should impact technical design decisions, but they simply set up conventions for naming things, or structuring things. We ask everybody that works on projects with us to follow these conventions. This has the following benefits:

  • Other developers can quickly find out how your project is structured.
  • New developers can help out on existing projects,/li>
  • It provides a simple check-list for project proposals

If for any reason your project requires you to break one of these conventions: don’t worry, we’re flexible. Simply mention it in your project proposal, and let us know why, before you begin. Should you have any questions, feel free to send us a message. Have fun coding with us! The LinkORB Engineering Team

Available projects

  • Implement Userbase Admin functionality for Apps and Groups

The UserBase Server is a simple User Management app to handle Signup, Login, Lost Password, etc. The server works, but we need an Admin UI for create/update/edit/delete Groups and App database records. This means we need a few controllers, new routes and probably some improvements to the Repositories.

  • PDF Generation Server

We’re looking for a small PHP MicroService that can generate PDFs. It should offer a minimal REST API that includes a template name, and some data in JSON format. Based on this, the service will take a TWIG template, render it with the JSON variables. Then it runs it through wkhtml2pdf. This creates a new output document id, which is returned in a JSON response. The service stores the PDF on the server, which can be downloaded using a second REST call.

Interested in working on one of these projects?

Excellent, we’re looking forward to code with you!

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Code with us!

We’re working on many cool small and larger projects, and we’d be happy for you to code with us on one or more of these.

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