🏆 LinkORB's trial showcase period


As mentioned in our Hello Upworker guide, we love working with freelancers all over the globe and based on their feedback, we think they mostly 😊 like working with us too! Some roles are highly specific and short-lived lasting just days while others are long-term and continue for months and years.

Because we are a fully remote team using mostly in-house developed project management and communications tools, we ask many new team members to go through a trial showcase period 📆. Just as the name implies, the is brief period where both LinkORB and the freelancer to 💥 trial and showcase 🎀 our respective working and communication styles. The end goal is that both LinkORB and you, the freelancer, can determine if there's a fit to continue or expand our work together 💑.

Trial showcase expectations

We have set up enough process at LinkORB to keep things clear, consistent, and repeatable but not so much that they feel like a burden 🤕. Generally, here's how we approach the trial showcase period:

  1. We like to jointly identify 1 or 2 deliverables of mutual interest 💖. In most cases we provide a list of areas where we have needs and think fit a given freelancer's background.

    We believe people perform at their best when they are doing work they are interested in. This is why we like to have a conversation to identify if there's an intersection between our needs and what a new team member's finds engaging.

  2. Next we'll take you through our onboarding process to get you set up with appropriate internal tooling, documentation, and introduce you to key team members.

  3. After onboarding, we like go a bit deeper into the agreed deliverable(s). Specifically, we will ask the freelancer to provide:

    • A high-level plan of the steps involved in completing a deliverable
    • An rough estimate of how long each step will take
    • A list of any dependencies for successful completion
    • Any out-of-scope clarifications

  4. Simultaneously, LinkORB will provide:

    • Key acceptance criteria relating to agreed deliverable(s)
    • Links to any existing standards or processes related to the tasks at hand
    • Links to existing, similar content or solutions as a benchmark for approach and quality
    • Guidance on who to turn to or what to do if hurdles arise 🙋

Trial showcase outcomes

From LinkORB's perspective, key things we will be looking during and the trial showcase period are:

  • Periodic updates on task progression through completion
  • Successful task execution with general alignment to provided estimates
  • Understanding of and adherence to existing standards, processes, or solutions as provided
  • Proactive communication or creative problem solving should issues arise

Our intention is that this experience will also give freelancers an honest view into our working style.

Trial showcase FAQs

Q: How long will the trial showcase last?
A: While it can vary depending on the deliverable(s) involved, the trial showcase period usually lasts between 7-14 days.

Q: Will I be compensated for trial showcase work?
A: Absolutely!💰 You will be compensated during onboarding and the trial showcase period.

Q: What if my estimates for task completion turn out to be wrong?
A: We understand estimates can be difficult to get right. We aren't evaluating your ability to precisely estimate task timelines, we are seeking a general agreement on how long things might take. Unexpected problems arise all the time, how team members communicate regarding and respond to these events is arguably more important than the estimate itself.

Q: What kind of "high level plan" is expected?
A: This can be a list of 5-10 key tasks and associated estimates of the approximate date they will be completed. For example:

**Step 1: Duration X**
1. Review existing processes, standards, and solutions
2. Get local development environment running
3. Identify key files, classes to be modified

**Step 2: Duration X**
4. Implement proposed changes in development environment
5. Test proposed changes
6. Send brief progress update sharing key findings, issues, and revised estimates  

**Step 3: Duration X**
7. Revise if necessary and re-test proposed changes in development environment
8. Create pull request for team feedback

**Step 4: Duration X**
9. Respond to pull request review and implement further modifications as appropriate
10. Send completion status and susequent recommendations
    printscale daily zoom 20
    [Review existing processes, standards, and solutions] as [A] lasts 1 days
    [Get local development environment running] as [B] lasts 1 days
    [Identify key files, classes to be modified] as [C] lasts 1 days
    [Implement proposed changes in development environment] as [D] lasts 2 days
    [Test proposed changes] as [E] lasts 2 days
    [Send brief progress update sharing key findings, issues, and revised estimates] as [F] lasts 2 days
    [Revise if necessary and re-test proposed changes in development environment] as [G] lasts 2 days
    [Create pull request for team feedback] as [H] lasts 2 days
    [Respond to pull request review and implement further modifications as appropriate] as [I] lasts 2 days
    [Send completion status and susequent recommendations] as [J] lasts 2 days

    [D] starts at [C]'s end
    [E] starts at [C]'s end
    [F] starts at [C]'s end
    [G] starts at [F]'s end
    [H] starts at [F]'s end
    [I] starts at [H]'s end
    [J] starts at [H]'s end

After the trial showcase

We will share our feedback, hopefully hear yours, and discuss whether to continue or expand our work together.