Nice to meet you!

Hi! We are LinkORB — Nice to meet you!

LinkORB is a team of talented techies that like to work on challenging projects. We enjoy working on innovative, open source and high quality code.

The LinkORB Platform

Our core platform features about 300+ modules that we use to create branch-specific software applications. It is implemented in modern PHP code, which follows PSR-0, 1, and 2 coding conventions, and is using various Symfony core components. It allows us to develop software solutions at a fast pace.


By combining our existing modules, we tailor our solutions for various branches and specific customers. These solutions are published as seperate products, under their own names.

Some of the types of projects we’ve been working on are:

  • YMarketing sites with content management, customer profile tracking, user generated content
  • Logitics systems managing thousands of stock-units and shipments
  • High security medical applications used for millions of patient records
  • Mobile apps
  • Social network, highly scalable distributed profile and graph system
  • Customer portals for invoices, subscriptions, orders, events, etc
  • Large event management application, completely automatic thousands of signups, payments, tickets, check-ins and purchases

In short, our projects are very diverse, and there is always a new challenge in sight

Continuous deployment

Our entire deployment process is fully automated. When new code is pushed to our Github repositories, Jenkins automatically checks out the new source and prepares a build for distribution. Hubot is hanging out in our Deployment room in Hipchat, you can ask him to prepare a new deploy. It will kick in a Capistrano deploy and switches to the new release, without any of our end-users noticing. The new deploy is registered in Graphite.

We perform production deploys many times a day, and any team member can do it. This allows us to get our changes in front of our users in minutes.

Stuff we use

Here’s some of the technologies and tools we are using and experimenting with:

  • Code management: Github, Jenkins, PHPUnit, Behat, Travis CI
  • Storage: MariaDB, MMM, MongoDB, GridFS, S3
  • Services: Elastic Search, Etcd, Haproxy/Nginx, Asterisk, ActiveMQ
  • Server management: Puppet, Docker
  • Frontend: jQuery, Less, Smarty, Twig, AngularJS, Phonegap/Cordova
  • Libraries: Symfony, Gaufrette, Doctrine, Whoops, Gelf, Datatable, Hashids

Geeky details

  • We run 10-20 deployments into production a day, making sure your development efforts reach our customers as fast as possible.
  • We use ‘feature flags’ to experiment with features in production in small end-user groups.
  • We never miss a snack-friday®.
  • We involve our users (the branch specialists) in product development from start to finish.
  • All our internal communication is in English
  • We endorse the usage of Lolcommits

Team work

Our working locations are very diverse; some work from our offices in the Netherlands or China, some work from home, and often we work from a lobby, train or other remote location.

We stay in touch through HipChat, which is where we meet up, coordinate and brainstorm. We tend to avoid traditional meetings.

Our projects are managed through our online in-house project managenent tools.

Most of our write-ups and documentation is managed in either Github repos, Google drives or Dropbox

Does this sound like your ideal working environment?

Awesome, we like it too 🙂 We’re always looking for great talents to strengthen our team.

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We’re working on many cool small and larger projects, and we’d be happy for you to code with us on one or more of these.

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What is it like to work at LinkORB?

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Want to know more?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information. We’re looking forward to meeting you!