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Submitting Project Proposals

Did you find an interesting project that you'd like to work on? Awesome!

We don't work with uber detailed requirement documents, but we do need a little bit of insight in what you're planning to code.

This page lists a basic template for your project proposals, to make sure all the important stuff is in there...

1. General outline of your project

What is the general plan for your project? What features will be included, what features will be excluded?

2. Database schema

If your project uses a database, please send us a draft description of the database schema (tables, columns, types). Ideally in a `schema.xml` file, compatible with dbtk/schema-loader. Here's a simple example.

3. Libraries

Please list all the libraries you intend to use. Simply provide links to packagist, bower, github, etc

4. Routes

For web-apps and API services: describe the routes your app will implement in one of these formats:

  • A dummy `routes.yml` file
  • Ideally a RAML file (

5. Required production services

If your project relies on production services, list them in the proposal. For example, a mysql / mongo database, smtp server, message queue server, etc.

6. Protocols / standards

If your project will follow certain protocols or standards, list them. example: AMQP, JWT, etc

7. Let's do this differently!

Unless otherwise specified, we expect all projects to follow our conventions. But if you think we should break a few of those rules: no problem, we're usually flexible. Just let us know which conventions you intend to break, and explain why.

8. Time-frame

We don't really care much about the exact amount of hours or what time of the day you plan to work, that's all up to you.

However, we do need to have an estimated date on which the project will be completed, and ready for production usage.

9. Cost

When proposing a payed project, be sure to mention the total price (including vat) in USD or EUR.

At LinkORB we care about results only, so we will pay for completely finished projects. This means we don't pay by the hour or based on the effort.


You can submit your project proposal in any format you like. A Google Doc, PDF, Gist, etc. Handwritten


  1. Contact us if you plan to work on a project. This way you can be sure the project is still available, and we can answer any questions or discuss specifics
  2. Send us your Project Proposal
  3. If all looks well, we'll send you a simple NDA and agreement
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